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The secret is out - this year at Horse Crazy Market there will also be a

Breyer Model Horse Show for kids on Saturday !

Registration open 10-11:30, show starts at noon.

Accepting Traditional and Classic sized models

Winning prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in each category 

Open to kids only, 16 and under

Sign up in person at the market or in advance at this link

This is a children’s model horse show, with an age limit of 16.


Due to time and space limitations, The Horse Crazy Market Breyer Model Show will have a cap on entries. 

You may enter one horse in each category,  There will be a cap of 20 models per category 


To avoid being disappointed on the day of the show, it is highly recommended that you pre-register. A Link to registration will be posted. 


Please understand that day of registration is not guaranteed but will be offered on a first come first serve basis, if available, until the categories are full.

  • Check in/ registration will be from 10-11:30 

  • Please arrive with hang tags attached to the right rear leg of your horse(s).  We will have tags available but it will speed up check in if you have this step taken care of .

    Front - breed

    Back - owners name 

Judging criteria: 

  • Condition 

  • Confirmation 

  • Breed representation 

  • Unique features/coloring

  • Overall Impression

We are accepting Traditional 1:9 and Classic 1:12 scale horses

  • Models will be in OF (original finish) and showing in “Halter” any modifications to their paint will not be accepted as that is considered a custom. 

  • There’s no need for your model to wear any tack. However they may wear a halter as long as it’s a proper fit for their size. 

  • Exception is the decorator Christmas class where they may be wearing Christmas decorations. 


Breed inclusions

Gaited: TN Walking Horse    Missouri Fox Trotter    Icelandic    Spotted Saddle Horse    Paso Fino    

Draft:  Shire/Clydesdale        Belgian/Percheron    Friesian        Gypsy Vanner        Haflingers, Fjords    

Pony:  Welsh         Chincotegue/Asategue        Shetland         Other pony styled horse

Appaloosa:  May include blanket Appaloosas    Foal    

Decorator/Fantasy may include any breed

    Unicorn        Pegasus        Mythological        Multi Colored

Decorator Christmas  may include any breed

    Dress your Breyer for the season! Have fun! 


  • Prizes for 1st place winners of each category, all participants receive goodie bags. 

  • All 1st place winners advance to the Best of Show ring for a chance at the grand prize! 

  • Cost is $2 per entry, example: you enter a draft, pony and foal = $6

       (Fees cover supplies, anything exceeding will be donated to This Old Horse) 


Please understand that this is not a sanctioned Breyer model show, it is meant for fun and while some aspects are similar to a real show, it a simple show for kids.  A good attitude and sportsmanship is a must!   Thank you for joining in the fun!

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